Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Friday Night...

Hahahaha!  So, um no.  This is NOT what I did last {friday} night.  Waaayyyyy too conservative for that.

But, what I did do last night was join in the 

Handmade by Heidi

And it was great!  We're taking the Rowdy Bunch on another road trip next week.  We're headed to the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. And we're absolutely OUT. OF. OUR. MINDS. camping.
Which means we need pillows. And if you haven't ever been camping with boys,get down on your knees and say a small prayer of thanks,  let me tell you, nothing {NOTHING} comes back clean.  So I didn't want to run the risk of messing up pillowcases that went with any of our sheet sets.  So I did what any other crafty Mama would do....

I made them new pillowcases for our trip.  And of course I had to put initials on them so there's no fighting over who has "MY" pillow. *sigh*

I had a lot of fun with these, and the boys have already claimed them for their pillows right now.  I guess that's at least one more load of laundry I have to do now before we leave.  Swell.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some fun stuff!

It's been awhile since I've had a chance to join Bobbi and Heidi for a

Handmade by Heidi

but I am making plans for this one! I have a few (ha! if you could only see my list!) things I'd like to work on.  Most are gifts, some for birthdays, some for Christmas, and some just because.

A few of those projects would be made sew SO much easier with a Go! Baby.  You'd like one, too, you say?!?!  Well lucky for us, there are TWO giveaways going on right now for them!
Its Sew Kiki has one up for grabs {closes June 20th}
and so does
Samelia's Mum {closes June 26th}.
Accuquilt is also including 3 die of your choice with each Go! Baby! I know which ones I need want.

Also, Carolyn at just one more stitch has a giveaway that is sure to make you swoon!  Jelly rolls and gift certificates from Shabby Fabrics.  So, if you'd like to lessen my chances of winning a chance at these great prizes, what are you waiting for?

Monday, May 30, 2011

{teacup pincushions}

I'm slowly getting back to the crafting thing, and I swear, it's like a snowball.  I started, and now I am in a furry of crafting!  I am trying to get some Christmas presents made - yes, I know it's only May.
But, in my defense - I have 3 boys {the youngest of which took his first steps last night! YAY!!!}
Also, it looked like Christmas here yesterday and today.  Woke up to roughly 4" of snow yesterday morning, and then today it looked as though we were in for a May blizzard.  So cut me a little slack, okay? - K.

I found a tutorial over at Martha's.  
The woman drives me batty, but she does find some awesome projects.
Betz White can make just about anything out of felt, I swear.

This is my interpretation of her teacup pincushions.  I think they are adorable.

The bottom one is for my mother-in-law for Christmas (and I am crossing my fingers she doesn't read my blog, otherwise, Merry Christmas in May!) and the top one I haven't decide what I am doing with yet.  It may go to a friend who is just starting out with sewing.  But first I am entering it in the Store Challenge at my LQS. Unless I enter the bottom one.  I still can't decide, and I have to take it in tomorrow.

And can we say cashmere pincushion!?!?  My pins have never had it so good! ha!ha!

And if you need some more inspiration, check out all the fun projects at
{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations


Friday, May 27, 2011

Please Return to Your Regular Blogging

*ahem*  Apparently I've neglected my blog.  The good news is that is hasn't been a full year since my last post.  The bad news is that it's been WAY more than long enough!  Yikes.

So, rather than bore you with a long drawn out explanation of what's been going on, let's just chalk it up to LIFE, and go from there.  And I'll give you a peek at what I've been doing.


Burp cloths (I know a gazillion preggos right now)

Take-everywhere bags made for 2/3 of the 
Rowdy Bunch

Mini-Twistable Crayon Rolls

Taggie Blankets


Buggy cake for Local Library

Communion Cake

The Munchkin's 5th Birthday Cake - It's "Dinosaur Train" 
for those of you who don't have PBS and a 5 year old. 

So, there's a small peek of what's been going on.  I plan on getting back to blogging, and I am sewing a lot more now, too.  Missed you all!!!

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