Monday, February 22, 2010

My Funny Valentine

I got to spend Valentine's Day this year in a very nicely decorated suite, with one of my favorite people in the world!  We had the suite all to ourselves, I could order room service whenever I wanted....  sounds lovely, yes?

How 'bout no.  The Peanut decided he needed a few days alone with Mama, and got himself admitted to St. Alph's in Boise while the Rowdy Bunch and I were visiting Grandma.  My poor little guy had a pretty bad case of RSV.  The "cold" he had that had been getting better got very, very worse Saturday night, so I took him to Urgent Care.  They told me with his age that he needed to be seen at the ER.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200 - straight there.  When we got there his fever was 100.1.  At 100.4 in babies his age, they get to go through a whole bunch of tests, including a spinal tap. *shudder*  The ER doc wanted to be very proactive, so he had all of the tests done, except the spial tap.  If we still couldn't figure out what was causing the fever after all the tests, then he'd need the spinal.  Thankfully we got the positive RSV result, and got to forgo that one.  Because he was having a little difficulty breathing, even after an epinenphrine breathing treatment, we were admitted to the hospital for observation.  The ER we went to wasn't actually connected to the hospital, so Nicholas and I had a fun ambulance ride to downtown Boise.  There's nothing like being strapped to a gurney while you hold your infant.  Kinda makes you wonder what would have happened if we'd been in an accident.
When we got there, he was hooked up to a continuous O2 monitor.  They wanted to make sure his sick little lungs were still getting enough oxygen.  He did good until about 8 that night, and then were dropping into the low 80s for too long of a time period.  He wound up on oxygen for the night and most of the next day.
 Told ya my date was a cutie!
He did better the next night, to the point that we got to take him off the oxygen.

After being told we'd probably be there a few more nights, he surprised the pediatrician, and she let us go home to Grandma's on Tuesday!

The older 2 had been having fun with Daddy and Grandma, camping out in the living room.  Can you tell which one is the night owl and which one isn't?

The Peanut is doing better.  He's still coughing his head off and sleeping a lot, but he's no longer having a hard time breathing.
Oh, and Peanut, if you're listening, Valentine's Day was a little too reminiscent of Christmas Day.  Your Daddy and I talked, and we'd really appreciate it if you didn't spend every holiday in the hospital this year.  thanks!  xoxo

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