Thursday, February 4, 2010

When Less is More... and More is More

Last May, we got a wonderful, albeit shocking, surprise.  To our surprised delight, we learned that I was pregnant with the Peanut.  Why was this shocking you ask?  Because the Munchkin took us 4 years, and more medical procedures than I care to count or remember, to conceive, and Gus-Gus took us more of the same medical procedures to conceive.  So we weren't thinking there were any more small fry in our future.  Apparently we just weren't thinking.

On to the less is more thing...   we have this diaper bag.  Specifically,
this diaper bag.  Don't let it's tiny thumbnail-not-loaded-down-with-everything-in-sight size fool you.  When it's loaded, you could lose small countries in there.  And it's next to impossible for me to carry when I am all by myself with the Munchkin, Gus-Gus and the Peanut in his car seat.  I would need to morph into OctoMom (no, not 8 kids - 8 ARMS) to be able to do it.  My solution???  Make my own bag!

Voila!  A smaller bag, that is still large enough to hold stuff for 2 in diapers, but small enough that I can manage alone.  Did I mention it is cuter than cute, too? I am loving it, and have gotten lots of compliments on it.  The best thing?  I made it! :)

And the more is more thing?  Well that's self explanatory!  I have more kiddos, more love, more everything!  And I am loving every minute of it! 

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  1. I think we maybe have the same story about our kids! Except my miracle is Anna, #2! Nathan and Emilie were miracles too, but much more expensive ones. Isn't God great?


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