Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What I've been up to...

Well, Daddy Cubed and I threw the Rowdy Bunch into the Rowdy Mobile for 600 miles of terror another fun road trip. 
 Back to Colorado we went.  This time for Auntie's wedding!

Before leaving, I made close to 600 pizzelles (an Italian cookie that Meg and I grew up eating) for her favor bags.  Daddy Cubed, who loves me enough to package 400 of said cookies but NOT ONE MORE, was busy filling bags while I was running the pizzelle iron.  

Her wedding was gorgeous!  And so was my baby sister!
The New Mr. & Mrs.

That's about the only picture I have right now.  Our camera died right before the ceremony started, which is really sad, because the Munchkin and Gus-Gus were Ring Bearers and were cuter than cute.  Well, the Munchkin was a Ring Bearer.. Gus-Gus was sick and wasn't having anything to do with walking down the aisle. 

But I also made some of the cutest baby blocks ever!

2/3 of the Rowdy Bunch are slightly miffed that I didn't make any for the other 1/3.  But the Peanut's are coming!  I just hope I can get a spare minute to make him some before he goes to college he gets much older!

Our road trip home was even more fun than the trip down there.  All 3 of the kids were sick, and 2 of them decided it would be fun to see if Mama & Daddy could withstand 200 miles of whining and crying.  Seriously.

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