Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The coolest cake... possibly ever

So the last week has been a trip jam packed with madness bit of a whirlwind.  Daddy Cubed and I took the Rowdy Bunch home to Colorado for my little brother's high school graduation.  He was my last hold-out on really having to be an adult, but that's a whole nother post.  Anyhow, when planning his graduation party, my sister and I tried to figure out what he wanted.  My conversation with him went like this....

Me: "What do you want at your graduation party?"

Him: "I don't care."

Me: "No, not good enough.  What do you want?"

Him:  "A keg."

Me: "A cake?"

Him:  "No, a KEG."

Me:  "Ha ha.  Nice try. Anything else?"

Him: "I don't care."

So, I gave him what he wanted.  A keg.  Maybe next time he'll be a little more specific.

I freaking LOVE how this turned out!  

The Grad and his cake.  Can't you just see how thrilled he is to be having his picture taken?  But, he did text the pictures of the cake to his buddies, which is the true mark of coolness to a 19 year old.


  1. What an awesome cake!! HOOOT! And your brother is a cutie!

  2. That is seriously so awesome! You did a great job Mama!


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